Deep Groove Ball Bearings

  • 6019 6020 6021 Melting Furnace Bearing

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    6019 6020 6021 Melting Furnace Bearing

    6019 bearing and 6020 bearing and 6021 bearing is ball bearing and it is bigger than other bearing models in 6000 series. Different industries on the bearing selection requirements:Broken and ceramic machinery, fine chemical machinery used bearings. Such equipment work environment is poor, more water mist, moisture, dust, acid and alkali,...Read More

  • 6018 ZZ&2RS Mine equipment Bearing

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    6018 ZZ&2RS Mine equipment Bearing

    6018 bearing and 6018ZZ bearing & 6018 2rs bearing Mine bearing DESCRIPTION Bearing Type: Deep Groove Ball Bearing Brand Name: TELL Bearing Type: OPEN/ZZ/2RS Origin place: Linqing China Model Number: 6018 ZZ and 6018 2RS and open 6018 Bearing Row : Single Row Bearing Vibration: Z2V2 and Z3V3...Read More

  • 6017ZZ&2RS Casting Machine Bearing

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    6017ZZ&2RS Casting Machine Bearing

    6017 bearing usually used in weaving machines, presses, oil equipment, vertical dryer, reverse osmosis equipment, horizontal reducer, flattening machine, medical equipment, ironing equipment, mold temperature machine, hot melt machine.This bearing has very good durability,and easy installation.Our bearings are of good quality and low...Read More

  • 6016ZZ & 2RS Bearing For Curing Machine

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    6016ZZ & 2RS Bearing For Curing Machine

    6016 bearing is deep groove ball bearing . Usually, Spinning machine bearings, magnetic separator bearings, hydraulic dressing equipment bearings, coating machine bearings, folding machine bearings, horizontal rubber machinery bearings, cutting machine bearings, plastic molding machine bearings, agricultural machinery and equipment bearings use...Read More

  • 6211 ZZ &2RS Ball Bearings

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    6211 ZZ &2RS Ball Bearings

    This model Bearings can be used for: plastic wire drawing machine, conveyor, mixer, welding station, monitoring equipment, sewing machine parts, machine tool holder, hot press, screw freezer, stud welder, burner accessories, circular saw Operation machinery, horizontal pump, laminated glass production line, hot melt machine, field operations...Read More

  • 6213 ZZ &2Rs Ball Bearing

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    6213 ZZ &2Rs Ball Bearing

    6213 bearings used in lifts, hoists, loaders, conveyors, hoists, stackers, dump trucks, scraper, excavators,cranes etc.  Our bearing quality is trustworthy and can replace SKF?FAG?NSK?INA?NTN bearing. And in order to the production enterprises that greatly reduce the cost.Read More

  • 6210 ZZ&2RS Ball Bearings

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    6210 ZZ&2RS Ball Bearings

    6210 bearing,6210 2RS bearing,6210 ZZ bearing, 6210-2ZNR bearingDeep groove ball bearings can be used for economic molds, precision reducer, linear drive equipment, physical instruments, mass spectrometry products, sheet metal industry, office equipment, equipment, needle valves, vulcanizing machines, machine components,  Hotline, ect.Read More

  • 6209 ZZ&2rs deep groove ball Bearings

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    6209 ZZ&2rs deep groove ball Bearings

    Ball bearings and 6209 bearing can be used for: building materials, last machine, molding machine, meat processing equipment, machine slot board, winch, fire arrester, scraper, disperser, lithographic press, and so on.For 6209 ZZ bearing and 6209 2RS bearing,the 2RS type is better than ZZ type about the sealing degree, but also depends on the...Read More

  • 6015N  6015ZZ & 2RS Electronic Ball Bearing

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    6015N 6015ZZ & 2RS Electronic Ball Bearing

    6015N bearing and 6015 ZZ bearing is using for railway vehicle axles, motors, home appliances, machinery and equipment, machine tool spindle, generators, pulverizers, extruders, forming machines, rolling mills roll and deceleration devices, construction machinery. All ball bearing and deep groove ball bearing we can produce.Read More

  • 6204 ZZ&2RS Cart Ball Bearings

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    6204 ZZ&2RS Cart Ball Bearings

    6204 bearing and 6204 2RS bearing and 6204 ZZ bearing cart bearings 6204 Cart Bearing Description 6204 bearing and 6204ZZ bearing and 6204 2RS bearing: 1, single row deep groove ball bearings 2, with a dust cover single row deep groove ball bearings 3, with a dust cover, a ring of single row...Read More

  • 6013ZZ & 2RS 6013N Ball Bearing

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    6013ZZ & 2RS 6013N Ball Bearing

    6013N bearing and 6013 2RS and 6013 ZZ bearing, and some cooling tower bearings.           6013 bearing is open type,6013 ZZ bearing is shielded type,6013W bearing is sealed type,and 6013DDU bearing is same as the type 6013W bearing.6013N bearing is snap ring groove type,and6013NR bearing is snap ring type.           The snap ring groove...Read More

  • 6202 ZZ and 6202 2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearings

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    6202 ZZ and 6202 2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearings

    6202 bearing and 6202 ZZ bearing and 6202 2rs bearing deep groove ball bearings 6202 2RS ZZ Bearing Description 6202ZZ bearing and 6202 2RS bearing and that is also ball bearing and deep groove ball bearing. Deep groove ball bearings are the most representative of the rolling bearings, widely...Read More

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